Wake up to music

My friend and I were discussing Social Media marketing, and how buzzword laden it has become. I'm personally of the "Field of Dreams" opinion. If you build it they will come. Granted, I'm wrong, but I enjoy building it much more than I enjoy marketing it, especially when the marketing is dry and boring. SEO, Twitter, Facebook and other online marketing seems too simple to be interesting. Everything I've read on it is generally just being meticulous about keyword usage and diligent about consistency. Not quite my cup of tea.

So my friend and I decided, in classic Seinfeld style, to start a blog about "Nothing!". We wanted to see if all this online marketing really is as simple as it seems. So we started a blog, bought 15 articles from textbroker.com , and started posting them. We've create a Facebook page and a twitter account, and are currently working on a few other things.

The blog is called Wake Up To Music.  A few times a week, we post a song along with a paragraph on why it's a great  song to wake up to.  We hope people will see it and think, "Hey!  That is a great song.  I don't own it.  I'm going to click this link to Amazon/iTunes(coming soon) and buy it."  We get a cut through their affiliate program and hopefully earn enough to cover costs (~$2/article).

This is going to be an interesting little experiment.  The stakes are pretty low here, so we want to try some very clever marketing techniques.  Simple things like raffling off iTunes gift cards on Twitter.  Or building an iPhone alarm app that will wake you up to the iTunes preview of the latest posted song.

This may flop.  Or it may work out and pay for lunch a couple of times a week.  We'll see.

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