Take advantage of 802.11n

So I just bought a Macbook Air 11".  It's a fantastic machine, I would recommend it to anyone with a budget for one.  I got the base version, which only has a 64GB SSD.  I find myself transferring files to and from the device and my old laptop quite frequently.  Transferring a whole season of Dr. Who, for example,  is ~10GB, and takes a while over the 802.11g network we have set up.  Theoretically I could use a crossover cable and transfer at gigabit speeds, but the Macbook Air doesn't have a LAN port.  Both machines have 802.11n built in, but I don't feel a need to buy an N router.  So I put both machines in ad-hoc mode, and transferred the files with around 10x speedup.  I found it to be extremely useful.

Here's a tutorial explaining how to create an ad-hoc network.

Good luck.

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