Park in the shade

Last Summer I worked at an office building in California. It was a pretty normal 9-5 programming job. My car would roast out in the parking lot. I started parking in the shade, but by 5 pm, the car was back in direct sunlight. Apparently, the shade moves throughout the day. Rather than park where the shade is at 9am, I set out to park where the shade would be by 5 pm so my car would cool off a bit. After some trial and error I figured out which parking spots where good to park in. It as always the spot next to where the shade currently was. Usually the one on the east side, but it was always hard to figure out which direction was which.

I took a class last fall called History of Creativity. We had a final "Creativity" project which could be anything we wanted that we could somehow relate to something we studied. I decided to build a webapp. "Park in the Shade" I called it.

I got an A!

I used Google App Engine and Python as the backend. The calculations start with a zipcode, and convert that to latitude and longitude using a look up table. The angle of altitude and angle of azimuth are then calculated using the given time interval, and the graphic is manipulated accordingly.

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