Manage My MiFi

A few months ago I made a post about a mobile broadband provider called Truconnect. They provide mobile access without a set plan or contract. I know the founders personally and after some discussion I proposed an interesting mobile app. I present Manage My MiFi:

One of the big benefits of using Truconnect is only paying for the data I use (see previous post on why a mobile access without a plan is a good thing). Since keeping track of that data usage is crucial, I developed an application for Android and iOS that monitors data usage of a connected MiFi device. I also built a Mac OS X widget. It works well and I use it all the time myself.

It works with all MiFi devices (made by Novatel) on all major carriers. If anyone is interested in Truconnect service, download the free app to learn more (There will occasionally be a promo code in the app for new customers to use, so check before signing up!).

Technical notes: (for those interested)

The app was a blast to build. The app concept was conceived just before Christmas and we wanted to launch it in time for CES. That left about a week to develop the application and submit it to the respective app stores. I decided to build on the PhoneGap framework, as that would allow cross platform support with minimal effort. This also made it easy to build a Mac OS X widget. A Windows Gadget shouldn't be too hard either (let me know in the comments if there's an interest in it). I actually did a good portion of the development in the car driving home from a skiing trip to Mammoth Mountain. Surprisingly enough, we got the app finished and approved in time for CES. It was displayed at the TruConnect booth and was featured in a press release. I went down for the last day and it was pretty cool to see something I built on display. Now I want to see people using it!

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