HD antenna

Building an HD antenna has been on my Todo list for a while.  Apparently there are a bunch of HD channels freely available for anyone with an HD tuner.  I had always planned on following this guide, but today I came across this blog post.  The guy made an antenna out of some wire and a paper towel roll! "I've gotta try this" was my response.  30 minutes later (It took some adjusting to get right), I had 16 channels, 3 (NBC, ABC, and CBS) were in HD.  Crystal clear HD. Much clearer than the cable that comes with the apartment. I also get Universal Sport, which I've now discovered carries exclusively skiing during the wintertime. All for free!

Here's my paper towel roll by our window.

The original poster just plugged his cable directly into the TV (look at his post... it's kinda funny).  I did that originally, but found it to be a little too finicky.  So I used some alligator clips to connect my wire to a coax cable that I plugged into the TV.

I'm amazed at how well this works. Above all I'm amazed that free over the air channels are higher quality than non digital cable. Since we get NBC (translation: The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock) I doubt I'll be plugging our cable connection back in anytime soon. I will probably build the nicer hanger version, as the cardboard tube needs to be set up "just right" for it to work, but I'm impressed nonetheless.

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