Using Raphael.js and Backbone.js together

I'm a big fan of Backbone.js. It's lightweight enough to throw into any webapp I'm building, large or small. At the very least it gives me some guidelines on »

March Madness

I just created a random bracket generator. Each time you load the page a new random bracket comes up. Each matchup is decided by a very simple »

Manage My MiFi

A few months ago I made a post about a mobile broadband provider called Truconnect. They provide mobile access without a set plan or contract. I know the »

Space Invaders - 2 Player

Last semester I took a course on embedded systems.  The class revolved around building the classic Space Invaders game.  We built the game on the Virtex-II Development Platform& »

Smuggling data in pointers

While reading up on The ABA Problem I came across a fantastic hack. The ABA problem, in a nutshell, results from the inability to atomically access both a pointer and »